Digital product catalogs

Electronic product catalogs of your suppliers allow you to load their products into your optician software. Look4 Optics offers such catalogs for download.

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Your advantages

  • Quickly find suitable products instead of annoying thumbing through printed catalogs
  • Individual catalogs with your private labels
  • Use with Look4 Optics and your optician software possible
  • Convenient stock management through bar code support
  • A format for all suppliers

Individual catalogs

As an optician you can load digital product catalogs in your optician software. Thus you don't have to thumb through printed catalogs but can search directly in your software products for your customers. You will receive individual product catalogs that contain your private labels.

Online ordering

Electronic product catalogs can be loaded in the optician software of all suppliers. Here is an overview how you can use digital product catalogs with your optician software.

Common format

Electronic product catalogs in the standard format can represent all product groups of the optics branch. The SPECTARIS standard format was jointly developed by the SPECTARIS industry association, LOOK4 Company, the software houses and the optics industry. Look4 optics collects the digital product catalogs of all suplliers, allows to browse them online and distributes this digital product catalogs to the opticians.

Available catalogs

On the home page under „Search for supplier“ you will find all catalogs for different product groups and countries. Your supplier is not yet listed? Ask him for up-to-date catalogs or contact us.