Entry in the business directory

With an entry in the directory, you can introduce yourself to new and old business partners.

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Your advantages

  • Your company entry can be found easily with search engines
  • Introduce yourself to new and old business partners.
  • You can be found via company title, product groups, brands and articles

Your company on Look4 Optics

The creation of a corporate record is the easiest and cheapest way to present your company on Look4 optics.

You can easily change your company data via an online management and provide other employees access to the records management.

Free standard entry

The free standard entry contains the following information:

  • Company title and logo
  • Postal and Internet addresses
  • Brands supplied by you
  • Product groups supplied by you
  • Contact form for your customers

Premium entry

In addition to the options of the standard entry the premium entry offers

  • Better placement in search results
  • Creating a corporate portrait with text and images
  • Creation of own brands
  • Specifying the contacts and other company addresses