Offers for opticians faciliates for opticians the electronical data exchange with the supplier. Finden Sie online Lieferanten, Produkte und Marken. Find online suppliers, products and brands. Electronic product catalogs can be loaded in your optician software and can help you order directly from your optician software at the supplier.

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Digital product catalogs

You can load the product catalogs of suppliers in your optician software. Therefore, you no longer need to thumb through printed catalogs, but can search directly in your optician software for products of all product groups.

In doing so an individual catalog with your private-label products is created. Also on you will find all products that can be ordered from your supplier.

These suppliers already offer electronic product catalogs.

Order from the optician software

You can use product search and ordering directly in your optician software. These software houses already support these functions.

Because of the electronic compensation of data, the exchange of information is much more comfortable and faster. You will get always current product catalogs and can validate and order product configurations.

Please check if you can use Look4 Optics with your optician software.