SPECTARIS standard formats

The Open XML file formats enable simple and uniform data exchange between the ERP system of optician and industry. These formats were originally developed for contact lenses by the industry association, the software houses and industry representatives. The formats support all product groups of the optics industry (contact lenses, lenses, frames, commodities) and different use cases (catalog data exchange, orders, deliveries). As such, all data can be offered all interested parties in one format.

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The software of the optician can read this format

The catalog format represents the central file format that can be read by the optician software of all software houses. Orders and advanced shipping notes are generated on the basis of the catalog format.

With the CatalogManager we have developed a convenient tool for maintaining the XML catalogs. You will automatically get a license if you distribute your catalogs via Look4.

The catalog format supports all product groups

Templates with the appropriate product properties exist for the different product groups. Additional properties or new product groups can be added simply.


In the format description you will find the documentation for the following XML formats (Order, OrderResponse and AdvancedShippingNote and Barcodelist):


Based on the catalog format orders can be generated. These orders are sent by the optician software to the supplier. Usually, the order data are read from a Web service, that imports them in the ERP system.


This format is used to communicate the status of a placed order. Usually the format is used by suppliers to communicate to the optician software the status of your orders via a Web service.


The shipping notification (advanced shipping note) can be used with co-ordinated documents for various steps in the supply chain.

The shipping notification usually are used for the transmission of delivery data to customers, as well as for internal company processes.

In addition, the opticians registered at the Look4Id service are already verified. You can be sure that a user is actually an optician.


Bar code lists can be used for contact lenses and lenses so that not every possible configuration with this corresponding bar code must be saved in the catalog.

With the help of bar code lists stock management of opticians can be simplified greatly.


The SalesReport document is used for the reporting of sales of articles at the optician to the supplier.

The constant data exchange between points of sale (shops/stores) and the manufacturer guarantees that the manufacturer always knows the exact amount of products at the customer site and so can ensure that the desired quantity of products at the customer site is available and can be used for statistical purposes.


The document InventoryReport is used for the transmission of an inventory list of the client (POS) to the head office of a chain or the manufacturer.

The constant data exchange between points of sale (shops/stores) and the manufacturer guarantees that the manufacturer always has the exact quantity available and can be used for statistical purposes.