1. Order online

The Online Order module contains all the functions of a professional EDI (data exchange) platform. Via the order module of LOOK4 Optics-Webservices, the respective merchandise management systems of the opticians send the following information Purchase orders to the system. These are checked directly for the current catalog and are either accepted or with an error message. All valid orders are then sent either as HTML mail or directly to the to the ERP system of the manufacturer or supplier. The administration area LOOK4 Admin contains Rights allocation, user administration, customer administration, order administration and statistics as well as catalogue administration.

2. Order tracking

The Online Order module contains comprehensive order tracking for the current status of orders: Order information are transferred directly from the manufacturers' or suppliers' ERP systems into the opticians' ophthalmic optics software.

3. Electronic delivery note (ASN)

Optionally, the ASN module can be used to automatically query ASN information. This information can either be retrieved from the ERP system of the manufacturer or supplier or automatically from the LOOK4 Optics-Web�services. (based on order response and catalogue) and then retrieved by the optician's software systems.

Your advantages

  • Clearly calculable costs
  • Only valid orders will be accepted
  • Always current data with your customers
  • Automatic posting of goods via ASN or EAN (barcode)
  • Direct order of your products NEW since October 2018 about the free LOOK4 Optics-App (for IOS)
  • Automatic data exchange via the LOOK4 OpticsWebservices
  • Integration of marketing campaigns
  • Sales control

Scope of services

  • LOOK4 Optics-Web services as a uniform ordering interface for opticians, AO chains and online shops
  • Automatic check of orders for current catalogue data (validation)
  • Forwarding of the orders to manufacturer/supplier as HTML mail, or direct transmission of the orders into the ERP system of the manufacturer/supplier (ERP connector necessary as extension)
  • ASN- (electronic delivery note) service as extension
  • Systematic further development of web services
  • Telephone end customer support

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